Let Cookie Monster be Your Waze Navigation Voice

Me want cookies... and great directions. Now you can have both (assuming you brought your own cookies), and just in time for your holiday travels.

To celebrate the Cookie Monster's birthday on November 2nd, the Waze navigational app released a new Cookie Monster voice option.

Much to the disappointment of Sesame Street fans, the feature will only be available for a limited time - but the Internet is begging for Cookie Monster's voice to become a permanent option.

"Oh keep him!!! He's the best. You can't have road rage when Cookie is your guide!" said one Twitter user.

Here is how to turn on the Cookie Monster navigational voice once you have the Waze App installed:

1. Open the app.
2. Tap on the magnifying glass / search icon in the lower left.
3. Tap on the gear / settings in the top left.
4. Tap on Voice & Sound.
5. At the top, right below Voice Directions, tap on Waze Voice.
6. The sixth option from the top should be "English-U.S. - Cookie Monster." Tap on that to select it.
7. Close the app and enjoy!


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